Monday, March 20, 2017

Muscle memory

It's easy to love from a distance.

From a distance, the city is skyscrapers, life is an adventure, and commitment is easy to maintain.

love takes effort up close and personal.
I bring my bike into the start control cause leaving it on the predawn city street is naive. 

Riding the long gradual climb over the Ben Franklin Bridge beats hammers in my off season heart. 

Up close and personal, the distance again seems insurmountable.

Camden, NJ, is not a metaphor, it's an urban reality of progress amidst poverty that I pick my through along rutted streets and overgrown paths that lead to the NJ suburbs, picturesque, quaint, idyllic.

On an unusually warm Sunday in February, after weeks of no riding, my winter legs are spinning over a 127 mike route from Philadelphia to Princeton and back.

The day unfolds along the roads up close and personal

 I rely on muscle memory to get me through.

Till once again the course fades into a distance 

that is easy to love