Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mantra of the metal mala.

Mananaat traayate iti mantrah*

On a fixed gear bike, the chainring teeth engage each link of the chain.  
Mananaat traayate iti mantrah* 
Legs turn chain, chain turns wheel, wheel turns chain, chain turns legs.
Mananaat traayate iti mantrah*
The madhyama sound of the drive train resonates through the rider.
Mananaat traayate iti mantrah*
 Rosary beads. Komboloi. Japa Mala. Bike chain.
Mananaat traayate iti mantrah*
*That which uplifts by constant repetition is a Mantra.  

I wrote this piece a while back. It sat in draft for a few months as I thought I would add a post to make it more approachable and user-friendly. But this piece is about riding a fixed gear bike. Riding a fixed gear bike only becomes approachable and user friendly when you approach it with an open mind and a willingness to experience a familiar thing in an unfamiliar way. So I'm leaving the piece alone. Unless, of course, this is the post I thought I would add. 

Some definitions: 

Mala - linked beads used for mediation or repetitive prayers.
Madhyama sound - Madhyama sound has been described as the "subtle sound" or the intermediate unexpressed state of sound. Madhyama sound is also referred to as the cosmic hiss. Madhyama can refer to sound of thoughts, as opposed to external audible speech. 
Rosary beads. Komboloi. Japa Mala- names from various cultures to describe linked beads used for mediation or repetitive prayers.


  1. My heart gives power to my lungs.
    My lungs give power to my legs.
    My legs give power to my bike.
    My bike gives power to the earth.
    The earth gives power to my soul.
    My soul gives power to my heart.

    This mantra gets me up Coy Hill every time. That and a bit of cursing.

    1. Betsy! Wonderful mantra. and cursing has been scientifically proven provide much needed boosts.