Monday, June 10, 2013

Images from the Catskill 600K

Grand Bois Lierre tire after a sidewall blowout that was field repaired with a patch, a dollar bill and duct tape wrap.  It lasted for over 100 miles.

A collection of images from the Catskill 600K: I recommend Full Screen


  1. Awesome pictures, Nigel! I have enough problems just riding a bike. You are able to ride; ride well; and take really good pictures.

    Joe H

    1. Joe, thanks again for the kind words. The trick with the pictures is to use the edit options in post production! Its amazing what cropping and balancing exposure can fix or show. As for the riding, that's all relative. Mostly I'm too stubborn or stupid to quit when I should.

  2. That's a VERY impressive repair! Nicely done and thanks for one of the all time classic photos. :)