Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer rain - NJ Transit 200k

Summer rain can fall
light and steady 

Some are rain that can sound erratic,
tickety tack tick, a tiny racket, nature's static
the sound of small drops exploding on the ground

Some're rain that can draw herds of deer,

a wild turkey flock,
and a black bear, massive and indecisive,
running out from the trees and into farm fields, 
first here then there,
under the cover of clouds and water logged leaves.

Summer rain can tangle with sweat in a merino wool jersey that can only get
so wet

from the edge of your cap to the tip of your nose
into your lap

in lines down arms and legs to toes

as if you showered in all of your clothes

Some rain can soothe 

hot muscles
toil and hustle to climb ridges, peaks and pitches so steep that 
you are not done yet and it seems never will be.

There is always another hill.

Riding in summer rain can sh-sh-shush the noise of the day
holding it at bay
making passing miles a time for passing smiles
between traveling friends
bringing each other up to date on the happenings of late 

the transitions between beginnings and ends

Summer rains can pucker the mirror surface of a lake into a sheet of seersucker

like water logged skin.

Some rain can bring a slight chill when just standing still 

sipping hot coffee 
summoning the will to retake the course and 
climb the next hill.

Summer rain can fade 

into afternoon sun
as the hills shrink into the horizon
when the riding is done.

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