Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Ides of March Cycling Challenge - A 30 day cycling challenge:

In the spirit of sharing the transition to the riding season, I thought I'd throw out a little challenge:

Here it is: Ride 30 days in March for at least a half hour EACH day (you get one day off!).
  • Stationary bikes, rollers and trainers count! So does riding outside!
  • Track the number of days and minutes per day.
  • The riding minutes start fresh each day (no carryover from a prior day)
  • The Ides of March makeup special (ride an extra day's time - two half hours or two hours) and get credit for both!)


  • "A" TEAM = 60 minutes a day  for 30 days
  • "B" TEAM = 30 minutes a day for 30 days
  • 24 HOUR TIME TRIAL=  60 minutes a day for 24 days
  • 12 HOUR TIME TRIAL =  30 minutes a day for 24 days
All who successfully complete the challenge and notify me will get listed in the Iron Rider blog (First name, last initial.)

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So who's in?

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  1. Awesome Challenge. I am also an adventerous person and want to have Cycling Challenge like you.