Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Writings for Randos - INSIGHT

{Friday Writings for Randos - A weekly post that features pieces from other writers that touch some facet of the Randonneuring experience, even if that was not the author's intent. It's stuff that's best read out loud - slowly.} This week it's:


 by Mairi MacInnes

We plunged down from the summit
      over the slither of scree
till the path jackknifed
      over clints round a baldish moor
and across cloughs sets in its side
      and welded fields, a hundred of them,
with thorns embedded, and into iron 
      woods, faintly aromatic, on a precipice
harboured in boulders taller than Stonehenge,

  till trembling like racehorses 
reined back at the starting gate
      our knees locked, and were agonies
brakes seized, as stones
      bounded downhill ahead and we stayed
upright, controlled: we saw
      behind an optic watering screen
the wood, the lake, perfectly black,
      the railways crossing where the train
twice a day gives its excited yelp.
      then the quite invisible house,
roof first (with turrets perhaps),
      and gate ajar, heads swiveling on sticks
from the balconies as we walked in

      wondering what child would dance out then
to meet us - would we know whose,
      the child we had in mind being yet unborn,
his face appearing only in the night
      his teeth like seed pearls, his eyes
two grains of salt, his hands held out
      for our embrace. Could we refuse the hesitant one,
the one that in fact appeared
      because we were amazed, fatigued or shy
or would we stoop and, heart stopped, anyway
      gather him into our arms.

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