Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hawk Mountain 200k Permanent - The ride of the psycho chicken

On Saturday, I rode the Hawk Mountain Permanent with Chris from PA. He's working on his R12. 

This will be my third 200K in as many weekends, with a few 100's tossed in for good measure. After Friday morning's pre-work 100k, I'm a little tired but, the big ride in August is getting closer and it starts with lots of climbing. I want to be ready. 

Hawk Mountain has 8500 feet of climbing. That's why I chose it.

The forecast promised heat and hills. Potential Rule 9 weather and Rule 5 conditions. 

We climb the climbs and ride the descents. 

On this descent, a chicken tries to cross the road between Chris's wheels. 

There is an explosion of feathers but no blood and no body. 

Feathers in the chainring

We dub the bird pyscho chicken (Qu'est-ce que c'est)* and continue our lap of central Pennsylvania.

Central Pennsylvania, near Lancaster, can be storybook beautiful. With my camera, I try to capture scenes of July.

As the day draws to a close, storm clouds assemble on the horizon and slow march toward our position.

Less than 10 miles from the finish, the sky darkens and hard winds bring driving rain. Seconds still separate lightning and thunder but the time between them is shrinking. I race for cover and take refuge in a bar. When Chris arrives our pints are ready.

The rain is short lived and leaves a double rainbow for our last few miles to the end. 

*Thanks Chris for the Psycho Chicken Link and the company.

During the ride, I took a few pictures. You can see them here:


  1. Beer IS the best recovery drink for such a circumstance!!

    I look forward to reading about the ToC 1200. Bryan and Chip from right here in Severna Park will join you there. Good Luck!!

    1. It certainly did the trick this time. I'll keep and eye out for your friends, but if they are SPP, I may only seem them at the start. Those guys are FAST!

  2. Or rather...

    1. OMG. That is PERFECT. Must steal and revise blog accordingly!

  3. A scenic route, a few challenging climbs, a convenient bar to duck into when the heavens open up, camaraderie, and a psycho-chicken theme song -- quite the masterpiece (with a double rainbow to top it off)!

    -Tom Rosenbauer
    Eastern PA RBA

    1. Indeed. All the elements of a memorable day in the saddle.