Sunday, July 1, 2012

Passing thoughts

To the guy wearing
the black and white skin suit
the carbon fiber Pinarello
on aero bars
and pencil thin tires
on the bike trail 
at 20 mph:

I was the guy wearing
the seersucker shirt
flapping in the breeze
the big steel touring bike 
with bags
and fenders
and fat tires
that passed you
then dropped you.

Don't feel bad.
I've been training.


  1. I love days like that on my LHT!

    1. I consider it one of the perks of riding one. For all I know, he may have been on a recovery ride, but it was still fun!

  2. One of my favorite things is dropping guys on road bikes who cut in front of me and slow down on the GW Bridge when I'm on my fat-tire folder.

    1. As long as I get to pick the finish line (which is of course known only to me), I can usually win.

    2. On the GW, we all know what the finish line is: The other side.

      I never mind being passed; just don't slow down in front of me once you've done it. You're not actually done yet...

    3. Ah ha, the bridge equivalent of the town line sprint!

    4. Exactly. And there's only a race in the NJ-to-NY direction, when everybody's coming home after a day on Route 9W. There's a place where it the bridge bike/walk path narrows. If you're still behind at that point, you get to coast a few hundred yards more behind the winner.