Saturday, November 2, 2013

Coffeeneuring day four: Stream of color

such colors lay beneath the summer green!
fire reds, sunshine yellows, a kaleidoscope scene
the secret life of the trees
now wafting down on the softest breeze
vibrant colors of a fantastic dream
reflected by the meandering stream.

Our youngest joined us for this 5 mile ride
the trailer bike kept her at our side.
I had coffee, the wife - pumpkin spice
for the little one hot chocolate was nice.
Dunkin donuts would have to do 
as the purveyor of our brew.

But on this spectacular day of fall
we would coffeeneur without a wall
we took our beverages  to Pennypack Creek
to listen to nature speak
for if a picture is worth a thousand words
then in these colors of fall a symphony could be heard.


  1. Colour envy! Beautiful images, makes my London life feel even greyer than it already is!

    1. Our grey is on the way. But the colors were quite a sight.