Saturday, November 16, 2013

Coffeeneuring day six: Mint tea and Irish Potato at the Keswick

The Keswick Theater provides live performances for the NPR listening kind of customer. Live music - folk, rock, acoustic, electric - live comedy, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, to keep the middle aged suburban sorta-kinda-hipster feeling relevant and "with it." 

Almost next door is the Keswick Coffee House. Selections of flavored lattes served in paper cups, teas, ice cream, Kosher Hot Dogs and couches. 

The laptop user in the window seat has his book on theological writing propped open so the title is easily read by us non-theological writing non -window seat customers.  

The sun sets early in mid November. 

The golden light before the gloaming warms the red of the last leaves clinging to the trees. 

Her mint tea smells minty and my Irish Potato Latte (vanilla cinnamon and coconut) with whipped cream is really just liquid dessert. They fuel the second half of our 6.4 mile ride. 

The air - still. 
The temperature - cool. 
The company - excellent.

We like coffeenuering.


  1. Nothing better than minty smelling mint tea and challenging the early-setting mid-Novermber sun to a road race.