Saturday, March 15, 2014

A new roof on an old barn - the Millstone River Ramble 100K

Winter pauses and gives Spring a test day - blustery with the promise of warmth. I ride with two friends along the banks of a canal on smooth quiet blacktop. 

Still water, with a wind ruffled top, mirrors the brown ochre of the towpath mud and post winter trees. The morning sunlight glows gold, reminiscent of the start of an adventure.

I think I am riding this course for the first time then I climb the one hill and my legs  remember the ride before that took place in the full bright green of Summer. The same route rendered in a different palette enhancing the memory of miles long gone.

We return, passing an old barn with a new roof, preparing for the seasons that start anew.


  1. A new roof is what makes one remind about he oncoming season. In that photo of the barn, that roof looks so out of place with the barn. Maybe they should have renovated the barn too. Or they could have given a custom roofing to the barn like I did for my house in Oakville. Anyways continue your cycling diaries, waiting for more of them.

  2. Spring has finally come. It’s really a great season to start an adventure. And I’m glad that you have already started yours. This barn is only the beginning of seeing great things along the road. As for the barn, it looks like it has quite a sturdy roof to still be standing after all this time. Cheers!


  3. Good thinking. Although the summer is about to roll in, it's still a smart choice to re-roof old structures, just to be sure to resist unwanted storms and strong winds. As they say, it is always better to be prepared rather than sorry. :D

    Paul Lawson @ Shelton Roof