Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Counting Roadkill - Another reason to ride?

If you a looking for another answer to the question "Why are you riding?" Here's another good excuse reason: to count roadkill for science:

A re-post from Adventure Cycling's "Bike Bits":
If you're heading out on a road trip yourself this summer -- or even if you just commute to work by bicycle -- you can help the Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation collect data on roadkill along our highways and byways. Cyclists are obviously ideal participants in such a project, as they see (and smell) much more than do those travelers encased in fast-moving automobiles.
Go to the following link to learn more and to enter data:

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  1. Thanks for passing this site on, I will go there. The amount of road kill I see is always disturbing, most recently a lovely red fox.