Sunday, May 13, 2012

Flying Pigeon PA 06

Put a bird on it.

I picked up this Flying Pigeon PA-06 from a local guy who had bought it at an estate sale. It was in very good condition. Its utilitarian simplicity and rock solid build give it an undeniable charm. Some of its features include a triple spring leather seat, push rod brakes, pigeon rack, pigeon bars, tires that appear to be originals, fully enclosed drive train and kickstand.

A test ride showed that it has three speeds: take it easy, slow down and walk.

Some interweb research led to the following: 

From Wikipedia
The classic Flying Pigeon bicycles are the PA-02 and PA-06 (men's) and PB-13 (women's). These are one of the most iconic symbols of old China (the sturdy, single speed black roadster bicycle ridden by the masses).
They are simple, conceived of as a working machine meant to last a lifetime. Like the Ford Model T, they are only available in one colour, black, except for the flare of vanilla at the fender tips.

Some details in pictures:

I wonder how it would do on a 200K?  . . .