Friday, April 8, 2016

Rides of March: Team Rosters

 The Rides of March Challenge returned for 2016. The basic challenge is as difficult to accomplish as it is simple to describe: ride a bike for  30 or 60 minutes a days for 30 days in March. One thing that makes the challenge a little easier is the community of people that share stories, pictures, humor and encouragement throughout the month. Not everyone successfully completed the challenge, but it seems that everyone benefited from  the attempt.  I now have the pleasure of listing the roster of successful riders:

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Fleche of all seasons.

Maybe we should celebrate the start of a new year at the Spring solstice like the ancients once did. Gather with friends and strangers at the time of year when the seasons are in a state of flux and day and night balance for a moment on the needle of time. Maybe that is the time of year to celebrate new beginnings, not in the midst of winter's cold slumber but later, at the leading edge of Spring, as the world awakens, when anything seems possible and the promise of a new season of growth rises clean and bright on the horizon. Perhaps it is appropriate that a PBP finisher is called an Ancien because the Randonneuring season begins in the early Spring. At this time of year, in our part of the world, it is the season of the Fleche and this year, I rode a Fleche of all seasons.