Monday, May 2, 2016

Advice for a new randonneur

What advice would I give to a new Randonneur? 

Probably some of these gems that I've picked up along the way . . . 

Dan A.:  Ride your own ride.

Rick C.:  Greet people along the way.

Chris N.(from NJ):  Take pictures

Chris N.(From PA): A burst of slow can  salvage a ride.

Joe K.:  Challenge yourself

Bill O.:  Remember, it could be a lot worse.

Janice C.:  Don't do stupid things

Mary G.: Use lip balm.

Susan O:  Blow through controls

Laurent C.: You are not a randonneur until you've abandoned a ride in the middle of nowhere

Tom R.:  Buddy up at night

PatCH: Enjoy!

Keith S.: Write about it

Katie R.: Be kind to yourself 

Mark T.:  Celebrate finishes

Vinny M.:  Live the poetry

Multiple sources: There's always another hill.


  1. Every ride is an opportunity to learn something. Don't outride your guardian angel. It's never all downhill from here. Focus on the positive. Support your fellow rider.

  2. Use bum balm liberally

  3. Relentless Forward Motion and the Two Week Rule.

  4. i've never seen a hill i couldn't walk up.

  5. Don't trust an RBA (or ex-RBA) that tells you "oh this ride is flat" or "this is the last hill"

    Most important, don't be a jerk.

  6. I love! the notion of a burst of slow. What a great image that conjures up.

  7. You eventually reach the top of a hill, the wind never stops

  8. No matter how good or how bad you feel, that will change. And probably sooner than you think.

  9. If you want to meet Randos that are faster/slower than you, volunteer.
    If you don't, volunteer anyway.