Sunday, October 30, 2011

Philly Bike Expo 2011: A few items that caught my eye

The 2011 Philly Bike Expo subtitled its show as Artisans / Activists / Alternatives. Those three ideas were on full display during my Sunday visit. Custom builders, handmade accessories and local bike based activism filled the booths of the Philadelphia Armory. 
Here's a sample of some items that caught my attention (click pics for full size and links for more details):

JP Weigle frame

Integrated Light on the seat tube. (I like the idea of an integrated light but in this position on the seat tube a good sized saddle bag could block it - I would love to see something like this on the seatstays.

Cartridge Cross Frame Mount for Co2 Cylinders - For the rocket booster look

Multi-position rear drop-out with disc brake

Separable frame alternative to S&S Coupler. Frame by Igleheart Customs

Collar over second separation in frame

civilized transportation by Folk Engineered

Vaya bags - made from recycled inner tubes and customizable messenger bags
Peter Mooney Frames

Details on a Peter Mooney frame

silver moon headbadge
Royal H. Cycles

Gold leaf paint on seat tube

Upcycled bike tube bag from Green Guru (my new bike wallet)


  1. Thanks for sharing the bike porn; that JP Weigle frame is the berries.

  2. It is indeed. My pictures do it no justice.

  3. The Iglegeart Customs bike uses the same coupling method as Ritchey does on thier breakaway models.

  4. Anonymous - That's right. The frame maker (Igleart?)did say it was a Ritchey design. It was the first time I'd seen it.