Tuesday, April 7, 2015

March Cycling Challenge wrap-up

Something special and unexpected took place this March.  A good sized group took on the Iron Rider challenge of riding at least 30 minutes a day for 24 days or 30 days out of the month. The group had a few folks who did not own a bicycle and others who have several. Hundreds of miles were ridden, some by people who did it all indoors on a trainer and others who did every ride outside, despite harsh winter weather. Not all who started were able to finish - after a month of consistent regular effort is a significant challenge. But the unexpected development was something else altogether . . .

The participants formed a group on Facebook and shared their photos, encouraged each other and inspired each other. That community, forged of a shared effort, came from across the country and was made up of people of varying backgrounds and motivations. This little group was a microcosm of the wide range of cycling and showed the positive potential for social media. That surprise was a groovy thing to watch and to be a part of.  

As promised, I now have the privilege of listing the successful contestants:

  • George B. (PA) 
  • Jim B. (NY)
  • Janice C. (PA)
  • David E. (NJ)
  • Earl J. (MD)
  • Charmaine G. (NY)
  • Lance G. (VA)
  • Nigel G. (PA) 
  • Chris N. (NJ) 
  • George S. (NY)

  •  Joyce G. (PA)
  • Jon L. (NY)
  •  Amy G. (MA)
  • Susan O. (OR)
  • Keith S. (CT)
  • Christine. T (ME)

  • Jim B. (TX)
  • Patrick C. (VT)
  • Bill C. (NJ)
  •  Chris N. (PA)

  • Al B. (NJ)
  • Joselyn G. (NY)


  1. Thank you for organizing this effort! I had fun. Hope you will do it again next year. :-)

  2. Three cheers for Nigel! What a great way to stay motivated throughout a month filled with dreadful weather. This group was as warm as it was cold outside.